Privacy Policy

Thank you for using Memomoo Application for your needs. We always strive to provide the best service by maintaining and protecting your personal information. By using and registering yourself in the Memomoo application, you agree to be bound by the privacy policies that have been made. The terms and conditions presented below, allow for changes to certain conditions and at any time, so that you can check regularly.

Collecting Information

We collect information from you through account registration process on our site. The data collected includes :

And that the information you provide above, would be saved well, with our utmost attention toward your security and privacy.

Use of Information

When using or interacting with memomoo services, we constantly use up-to-date technology so that the service can be used properly using the information you have been provided. The information you provide is used as follows:

Third-party services

We use some services from third-party services to obtain additional information from users to optimize the services that have been served. As for the services of third parties in use cover, among others:


Facebook accounts are used to retrieve date of birth and friendship relationships, where the data is used to display friends' anniversary suggestions or anniversary celebrations.


Linkedin accounts provide data related to job status and job history. The data would be use to add job status when user is using this mobile app. Additional information data is stored when the user activates it on the services provided. By logging on to a third party provided, you have been agreed to share this information.


We are committed to protecting our users' information. Please always use a unique and powerful password combination to protect your account, as well as strictly prohibiting access to your smartphone devices beyond your permission.


By using memomoo application, you agree with our privacy policy. For the things required to clarify information about your privacy policy, you can contact us :

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